Bruno Justi – The Purpose

Bruno Justi and Sounds Two Inspire

“I’m passionate about music. I also love working with photography, design, filming, branding and marketing. Everyday I am inspired by photographs, videos, a simple chat at a coffee shop, or when I see a small local business with a creative branding strategy. Sounds Two Inspire was created by bringing all of these things that I love together.”

Bruno Justi is a Brazilian creative professional with a background in music, photography, branding, graphic design and marketing. Bruno’s work as a versatile musician has lead to performances accompanying artists in Japan, Brazil and the U.S, and he is also part of the American pop group Empire Assembly. Additionally, he has produced, recorded and performed with numerous independent artists and renowned musicians.

As a communication and events specialist, Bruno developed and managed large-scaled events, cross-functional communication strategies, and showcases in Brazil and the U.S. In addition, he has also established contracts in China while serving as a development and marketing consultant for companies in Brasil.

As a photographer, he has photographed award-winning artists such as Lenine, Zeca Baleiro, Joe Walsh and Linda Perry. As a designer, he has produced graphics for companies and independent artists, such as Schneider Electric, Big Fish Media, Spontaneum, and Empire Assembly.