Hello! My Name Is

Hello! My Name Is


I am passionate about music. I also love working with photography, design, filming, branding, and marketing. Everyday I am inspired by photographs, videos, a simple chat at a coffee shop, or when I see a small local business with a creative branding strategy. Sounds Two Inspire was created by bringing all of those things that I love together. With a purpose.

In 2011, I moved to Los Angeles to work in music after years working in a corporate environment. The reason I made this move was because I realized that we spend too much time in our lives living the life that we are told is the ideal one, but which is actually just the most safe one. This fear of living outside of the “ideal” prevents us from living the lives that we dream of, and of pursuing the vocations that we love. We wake up every morning already rushing to keep up with our tight schedules and in the race to keep up, we forget the greater purpose of our life.

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my vocation for music and the arts. With this series, I hope to inspire others to abandon the safe life, and instead run courageously toward their dreams.

The Series

Sounds Two Inspire is a video series that combines interviews and live music videos that explore the unique journeys that inspire musicians to pursue their creative vocations.

It’s a known fact that the music industry is one tough place. It’s heart-wrenching and incredibly self-defeating. Yet despite the difficulty of the industry, musicians keep making music. Sounds Two Inspire explores what happens when these artists use their vocations to spread a positive message to people.

The result is a series of videos that inspire musicians and non-musicians alike. It celebrates the power of the song and creativity in its most honest form.

The Brand

Sounds Two Inspire incorporates meaningful choices and iconography into it’s title and logo.

Using the word “Two” instead of “To” on the title and also the presence of two stars on the logo highlight the focus of the series: sounds paired with a higher purpose. It also hints at the consistent duet format in the live music videos that appear in each episode.

The logo uses the mandala, which represents the universe and offers balancing visual elements – symbolizing unity and harmony. At the center of the mandala, the Roman Numeral V represents unpredictability and the need of motion and constant change. The rose icon represents the love for what one does.

The Intention
Sound alone moves the body. Sound with a purpose moves the soul.

The things we do in life that are paired with a purpose or intention have more meaning and provoke a deeper impact. The purpose of this project is to produce content with intention, and to turn a 5-minute music video into an inspirational piece that has the power to move people.

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